Qualitative data collection has started

Qualitative data collection has started! 

Sarah Wright has started the exploratory research into patient experiences of complex breast reconstruction.  Sarah will be conducting ethnographic observation of consultations between women and plastic surgeons in the plastic surgery outpatient clinic at the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery over the next few months.  

 Following the first morning in clinic,here are some extracts from Sarah’s research journal…….

 ” Ethnographic observation commenced today and I have had my first glimpse into the running of the outpatient clinic consultations and an amazing insight into what it means to women to be undergoing complex breast reconstruction.  This research provides the opportunity to document the experiences of women undergoing big changes to their bodies and lives. The complexity of issues ,concerns and questions that are managed in these consultations is already abundantly clear. “

 “The fear, concern and angst were evident in both the voice and face of this patient.  How do patients compose themselves to articulate their concerns, issues and fears to their doctor amidst the distress of managing and recovering from illness?”

 “How are patients’ voices heard? How do consultations effectively facilitate a meeting of minds and bodies in relation to breast reconstruction?”

The Reconstructing Ourselves study offers a really exciting and innovative approach to giving patients a mechanism for sharing their stories.



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